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Atomic Theory (Chemistry)

Of all the sciences, chemistry was perhaps the first discipline to be studied by humans. For many, the right mixture of subtopics can produce a new formula for discovery.

Our program offers a sensible, humanistic explanation by reliving the history of chemistry and by hypothesizing where it will take us in the future. (approx. run time 25:00 minutes) (p0701)

Plate Tectonics (Earth Science)

From space, the Earth looks like a blue ball of peace and serenity. But as we’ll discover, the earth's geography is constantly evolving and creating landscapes of wonder.

In brilliant detail, this program zooms in on the forces behind the ever changing face of our Earth. (approx. run time 20:00 minutes) (p0702)

Everglades (Biodiversity)

The wetlands are an integral part of the world’s ecosystem, home to many species of life unparalleled anywhere else in the region. Without a doubt, the most substantial example of this is the Florida Everglades.

This program takes us deep into the wetlands of the Florida Everglades, illustrating its prominent role in our planet’s ecosystem. (approx. run time 15:00 minutes) (p0703)

Sound (Physics)

We all know the old axiom: “if a tree falls in the forest…”, but how many of us actually know the answer? Consider this, doesn’t what we hear often guide and confirm what we see? It’s fair to say that without the sense of sound, we would live in a world of pervasive, deafening silence and compromised vision.

This program makes some real noise about sound, uncovering the enigma of how it’s created and unveils the mystery of how it’s received. (approx. run time 15:00 minutes) (p0704)

The Human Genome (Biology)

The Human Genome Project has skyrocketed genetics to a new level by going where no one has ever been. This project has created a reference library of genetic code that essentially makes a human - human. It literally forays into the very building blocks of human life, a glimpse into the secrets of our existence. This expansive library of information has accelerated many facets of scientific study.

This program illustrates the breakthroughs uncovered by The Human Genome Project and its relevance to humanity. (approx. run time 22:00 minutes) (p0705)


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