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The Nobel Laureates, James Watson and Francis Crick opened the eyes of the scientific community when they identified the structure of deoxyribonucleic acid, the infamous double helix. Fifty years after Watson and Crick’s discovery of DNA, scientists from all over the world joined together to participate in the largest biology experiment in history, The Human Genome Project.

After thirteen years of dedicated research, the herculean task of decoding the entire human genome sequence was completed. Deciphering the human genome gives us a greater insight into our individual traits and characteristics. More importantly, the decoding of the human genome has and will continue to revolutionize how we identify, treat, and find cures for diseases.

Students will learn the processes within the cell of DNA and proteins. This video highlights the concepts of the genomic relation to all living things and explains in detail the differences at the gene and molecular levels. Other featured elements are the fundamental make-up of DNA and the importance of its understanding and potential future advances.

Approximate Running Time: 21 minutes (p0705)

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