Our Company

Abacus Studios, Inc. was founded in the summer of 2006. Abacus Studios was started with the primary focus of producing high-quality educational multimedia products. The first entry into the market is the award-winning video series, X-Science. X-Science is the flagship brand of Abacus Studios. Starting with the medium of video, Abacus Studios intends on expanding to other mediums, such as web content and interactive software. In addition to mediums, the broadening to many other disciplines will be coming soon. Keep an eye on Abacus Studios.

The Founder

The founder, Brian Chaney, was an engineer turned into a creative professional. Having worked in a technical field for many years, he had more desire to release his artistic and creative side. His hobby of 3d animation and graphics made it possible for him to land a job quickly within a prominent film and video production company.

Brian's past experience showed to be a great asset to his success in the film and video industry. He worked his way through the ranks starting as a video editor (linear & non-linear) and lead animator eventually becoming the Vice President of Production.

In 2005, Brian recognized an opportunity in the educational media market for a more effective teaching media. This opportunity drove Brian to start Abacus Studios, Inc. and he took his chances and created the award-winning science series called X-Science. With his passion for science and obsession with quality, Brian began to set a new standard for classroom tools.



Latest Releases

X-Science - Atomic Theory
X-Science - Plate Tectonics
X-Science - Everglades
X-Science - Sound
X-Science - The Human Genome

Available Formats:

(NTSC) DVD, VHS, Video File

DVD Features:

  • Selective Vocabulary Menu
  • Selective Subtopic Menu

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